Anonymous asked:

Zayn's hair lately is the most beautiful thing ever, and I'm convinced he's growing it out and letting it get kinda floppy because he's jealous that Liam keeps playing with Harry's luscious locks and he wants Liam to play with HIS hair too.


i don’t think zayn’s ever got to be worried about anyone else taking liam’s attention away from him BUT


as beautiful as zayn is 100% of the time

there is something about zayn with long hair that makes him look super soft and cuddly and rumpled and he looks like lazy sunday mornings in bed

and liam’s attention is never far from zayn. his brain probably looks something like zaynmusiczaynniallzaynharryzaynlouiszaynmusicZAYNZAYNZAYNZAYN

i mean look at how quickly he moves to get to zayn

and the way he leans into zayn’s touch, the way zayn rubs his chest gently, the way liam is SO DELIGHTED to have zayn near. no, liam’s attention is never far from zayn, and zayn fucking well knows it.